Aaron Aedy

Marital status
What instruments did you use making the new album?
1991 Carvin DC200 (Old faithful), 2003 Carvin TL60T (Koa) and a 1999 Gretsch White Falcon.
Favourite PL Video?
I love "The Enemy" as it's quite different for us and was unique experience for us to make, my all time favourite though would be "Widow" I think.
Favourite Non-PL Video?
Currently, Tenacious D - Tribute and QOTSA - Go with the flow.
Favourite PL album artwork?
The limited edition 2-disc Draconian Times was the nicest package we've ever had.
Favourite Non-PL album artwork?
Jeff Waynes "War of the Worlds" (The booklet on the original double 12" was cool)
Current favourite album?
Trouble-"The Skull" (Newer Remastered version), will change in 20 minutes though, when I put something else on! Changes everyday..
Earliest childhood memory?
Being allowed to watch "The Persuaders" when I was 3 .. awesome, love the theme music.
First band you saw, and where?
1986 Metallica "Master of Puppets" tour (With the Mighty Cliff Burton .. RIP). St Georges Hall, Bradford, UK
First Guitar / Bass?
Aged 14 I bought a No brand right-handed guitar (I'm left handed) because I wasn't allowed a drum kit and it was only £10 off a schoolmate and made myself learn right handed.

It had action like an egg-slicer and Fish fingers for pick-ups, but I had it for my first year of learning! God it was shit though.. :)

Favourite subject at school?

Classical Studies (Study of Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt), closely followed by English Literature.
Maiden or Metallica?
Both please, up to Somewhere in Time and the Black Album respectively.
Denim or Leather?
Denim, it's the mark of a man .. apparently! For furniture though, leather beats Denim hands down
Favourite colour?
Black, do you really need to ask?!
Favourite joke?
Killing Joke, superb band.
Favourite gear?
Favourite authors / books?
Stephen R Donaldson - All of the Thomas Covenant chronicles (Inc new one(s)!), Dan Brown's books, Dan Docherty's Tai Chi books and Bill Bryson's "A short history of nearly everything"
Do you snore?
More so after alcohol!
Have you ever sleepwalked?
Only into stupid ideas.
Do you vote?
Of course, people died for the common man's right to vote.. Although these days it's seems to be more a case of pick your poison!
Favourite chocolate bar?
Lindt's Petits Desserts - Dark Orange
Do you prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads?
Luckily my wife's been all three! haha .. Growing up it was always Redheads though, without any doubt.